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Techy is a Robotic Cat and he is living with the Scientific Geek, Metal Square and he is Professor Technicolly's #1 fan! Techy was awarded to Metal Square from Professor Technicolly to experience the life in the Object City. Techy could survive nearly... EVERYTHING!!! Well he can't survive water but every piece of water he goes to, Metal Square puts in a chemical called, Ro-water, a chemical that technology can survive in. His friends are: Tech a Female Robot Cat, also made by Technicolly, Techy and Tech love each other, Flodinous, Techy and him are best friends, the only that Techy knows about Flodinous is that HE IS BLIND!!! Flodinous can see without eyes and there is Blockino, just a block. There is a guy who wants Techy as a slave and plan WORLD DOMINATION!!! He Is Catnik, no one likes him but Collindeos, Catnik's assistant, Collindeos just is up to no good and he mess things up. Metal Square's friends, TV, iPad & Lego are always for adventures. Object Quadniverse is a 2015 original that was rebooted in Sep. 2017. The Prize was a limo in the 2015 original but then later changed to a Mansion with $100.000.000 and the limo now!!! Contestants 24 then Contestants 28 then a BIG number 70!!! Dynamic Craziness, Dynamic Challenges now!

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